GGF Young Gandhian movement

GGF is helping youth in capacity building by engaging them in debates, quiz, adventure & Gandhian trips, mini-democratic sessions, Youth leadership programe and other competitions. The exemplary success of GGF engagement with youth is by organising numerous “Symposium on Truth and Non-Violence” at school, college and University levels in India. Such events nourish their mind, purify their thought process and help them to build their progressive careers. According to Shri S P Varma, GGF Vice President “Only youth can diffuse regional tensions and shed differences between countries. The more we encourage youth for cross country friendships, the better the world will become.”

Empowering Young people.

GGF’s approach to youth empowerment is divided into three core categories

Capacity building
Community engagement
Leadership development program

I. Taking Mahatma Gandhi's ideology and his thoughts to all corners of India through schools, colleges & universities.
II. To promote youth as “peace bridges” between different communities, religions, countries and continents.
III. To cherish and follow the noble ideas and to protect and improve the environment and encourage sustainable development.
IV. By organizing seminars, conferences, symposiums on ‘Truth and Non Violence’ in order to inculcate the values of non-violence and harmony among students.
V. By engaging youth in high level Peace campaigns and Peace summits on regular basis.
VI. By encouraging youth to work for communal harmony during volatile situation under the supervision of GGF seniors.
VII. GGF working with youth to build strong, conscious and pro-active leaders.