Become a GGF Youth Representative

·         Are you 15-26 years old?

·         Do you want to contribute for the purposes & principles of United Nations?

·         Do you want to help make positive social changes – in your community, in your State and in your Country?

·         Would you like to gain experience to help reach your education and career goals?


Become a GGF Representative

·         Are you 27 years old and above?

·         Do you want to be a bridge between UN and children of your area?

·         Do you want to help children of your locality to build world of their dreams?

·         Would you like to shape the overall personality of the children?

Some of the benefits and activities include

·        Access to United Nations projects like 17 Sustainable Development Goals & Model United Nations.

·        Access to UN Projects related toward involvement of Youth *

·        Active involvement in GGF Workshops

·        The chance to be a youth speaker at the sessions of the GGF Conferences

·        Involvement in establishing GGF youth blog by and for youth

·        Organizing and promoting GGF youth events and campaigns on the UN agenda.

·        Regular conferences & symposia on issues ranging like World Peace, Global wellbeing and moral values.

·        Network enhancement, promoting personal and professional development.

·        Awards demonstrating and bringing into limelight exceptional efforts service & excellence.

·        Strategies for State/Country/World and their promotions at larger scale.

·        Anannual United Nations Grounds Pass which allows access to the UN Headquarter, New Delhi *

·        Sports opportunities for youth

·        All life members will get GGF Peace Card